Saturday, July 18, 2009

Bohol Scandal

Boholanos is erotic, agree? Not only are they active sexually, they like to video tape their sex acts. Lucky for us!

The listing of this video includes the following Naughty Pinay Scandals

Girl to Girl Action Scandal - Filipinas or Pinays as we call them here has gone a long way. Girl to Girl action is now accepted, and boy are they hot. They couldn't wait that they have to do it in a restroom. Luckily our cameras are there.
Weekend Fuck Scandal - sometimes when you're busy, all you have time for a fuck is on weekends only.
Dorm Fuck Scandal - this video is hot, and the Pinay Chick is even hotter. Big Boobs, pretty face, what more can you ask for more....oh wait... ask for a doggie!
Green Dress Scandal - This couple knows each other for a long time already. why we know? no more foreplay or very little foreplay and its straight to fucking. The lady is wearing a green dress - suits her white complexion.
Calatagan Scandal - Somewhere in Batangas. The lady's love is being tested by her showing her face on cam. They both speak Tagalog!
Ehra your Kapuso Scandal - Somewhere in the world, someone just looks like you. In this case, the face, the body, especially the breast just look like Ehra Madrigal. Dream on Kapuso and Kapamilya.
Ice Ice Baby Scandal - a group sex session (1 lady only). The boys are playing seductively, with one of them sliding ice across the nude body of their partner. Prelude to a tongue action later?
Jenny Escort Girl Scandal - the customer is alright right, this time - the customer wants to video taped their sex deed and who is she to complain, with all the moaning she does.
Back of School Scandal - During vacation, the back of the school is the perfect place for a quickie.

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Photo-Ops Scandal

things really gets weird when you want your photo taken with a nude and amply bodied lady. To show your mother perhaps?

The listing of this video includes the following Naughty Pinay Scandals

Maui Taylor Scandal Pictures - Maui is the sexiest Philppine actress in her generation and she is very hot and oozing with sex appeal. These pictures were obviously taken by someone who is intimate with her. Boy oh Boy he is one very lucky dude. More explicit photos are shown inside.
Telus HR Scandal - a very pretty chick caught in compromising photos. She knows how to pose seductively, do you agree? and please don't ask us where Telus HR is at, coz we really do not know
Banyo Queens Scandal - A Group of Filipinas showing their bodies inside the restrooms. Boy, they really are posing for the camera.
Horny Angel Scandal - Same lady with three dudes in three different occasions. Must be real horny huh?
Colored Hair Scandal 2 - Girls always wanted to color their hair to brown or blonde. But when a lady licks your body from the feet to your penis, hair color doesn't matter.
Gen Gabionza Scandal - another revenge of the ex's pics. This should confirm finally that never, never trust anyone with your private pictures, most especially your boyfriend.
Venice Macatangay Scandal - Story has it, that this babe had actually moved back to her family based in Italy. Talk about a unique Philippine Experience!
Patricia Javier Scandal - an alleged scandal featuring Patricia Javier. We really had difficulty viewing the face, especially when the bouncing boobies always caught our attention.

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Mocha and Jaycee Parker Sex Video Scandal

Some sort of promo video (or is it really the real thing?), but obviously the girls are hot with some tongue action to boot. Hot! Hot! Hot!

The listing of this video includes the following Naughty Pinay Scandals:

  • PSP Scandal - no not the portable console form sony, but its a moniker meaning Personal Service Provider.
  • Close Up Bj Scandal - A Blow job video taped in zoom in mode.
  • Blindfolded Scandal - Some couples can be kinky, this one was being fucked blindfolded. Looks like she is enjoying every single second of it.
  • First Time Sex Scandal - also known as virgin defloration. It's a special time and some people keep a video record of it. See the blood coming out?
  • Call Center Scandal - We had the alleged Convergys, now its another call center scandal. This was supposedly taken in one of the recreational rooms during breaktime. What a way to release stress!
  • Dog Style Scandal - fucked from behind, and as you can see the women loves it. She's smiling and ready to take his cock. The camel toe and a cleanly shaven vagina is a sight to behold.
  • Girl on Top Scandal - This woman rides his man in expert mode. That's the best way to do it really, straight back and slow grinding.
  • Living Room Scandal - When you gotta fuck, you gotta fuck where ever you are. In this case, the best place for a quickie is the living room. Lets turn on the TV, so they will think we are just watching some news.
  • Teacher in Orgy with Students Scandal - In this school a group project with a Class Adviser has a whole different meaning. I'll a student fails if his dick is too small - not enough to reach the grade?
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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Filipina with AmBoy BF Scandal

The perfect match a Filipina with her American Boy Boyfriend. Just confirms the fact that a Filipina is always on the lookout for an American husband.

The listing of this video includes the following Naughty Pinay Scandals:

  • Shobe Scandal - Shobe is a chinese word meaning little sister. This time the little sister is all grown up and doing some grown up action!
  • Blow Me Scandal - the all time most requested song!
  • Pussy Playing in the Car Scandal - caught in traffic and a lady beside you. What will you do? play around with her pussy! what else is there to do? listen to the radio?
  • Sister caught masturbating Scandal - Oh there she is, playing her clit. She knows that you gotta do it naked.
  • Marian Rivera Boobslip Scandal - the hottest star today in the Philippines. Was dancing at SOP then suddenly you dont see her colorful top. Alert! Alert. It'a a wardrobe malfunction.
  • Kat Alano Scandal - a minor player in Philippine Cinema, but certainly has the face and body to die for. A series of photos that was leaked out. Some are nice while others are well "naughty"
  • Lian Paz Topless Photo Scandal - An EB babe who is very pretty. Got boyfriends like directors, celebrities, etc. Latest BF is Paolo Contis. A tame topless photo actually, but it shows possibilities.
  • Claudine Barretto Nipple Slip Scandal - We almost fell from our sit when we saw this. We had this for so long, but when we finally watched it, there it was some piece of work really.
  • Bess Scandal - Allegedly a lady named Bess. Boy, can she move - from bj to cow girl. Whew! Call her the Best! Shot in Night Mode.
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Sex in Internet Cafe Scandal

Hey, owners of internet cafes do you recognize these adventurous couple. This could be your cafe... is the keyboard and seats a little sticky?

The listing of this video includes the following Naughty Pinay Scandals:

  • Criselda Volks Scandal - Hottest scandal to hit the Philippines at this time (oct-nov 08). A real celebrity with a very pretty face in her generation. From a movie star, to a high end car sales agent, casino player and now this. The face of the guy who allegedly took this video is likewise captured
  • Dela Salle Scandal New - another alleged scandal coming from the famous university, and just like the first one this is just as hot.
  • Avon Scandal - Allegedly coming from your favorite avon lady.
  • Another Boarding House Scandal - Rising costs of motels has led this couple to do the deed in her boarding house. On second thought it is really very practical.
  • Aya Scandal - Aya oh Aya, you're the perfect sex host. Good performance.
  • Doggie Scandal - Your fave position, is likewise the favorite video position thats usually taken by sex partners.
  • Pretty Lady Scandal - pretty lady alright but a little cautious, she is keeping her bra on. Maybe she knows that someday this video will be out in the open.
  • Med Rep Scandal - Doubted for long if any existed. Well here it is...and oh there's Adonis (at the end part of the video)!
  • Zara of Olongapo Scandal - another damsel, and boy is she in trouble coz she just had her name splashed in the internet. On second thought, it could be a false name, but the sex is good though.

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