Saturday, July 18, 2009

Mocha and Jaycee Parker Sex Video Scandal

Some sort of promo video (or is it really the real thing?), but obviously the girls are hot with some tongue action to boot. Hot! Hot! Hot!

The listing of this video includes the following Naughty Pinay Scandals:

  • PSP Scandal - no not the portable console form sony, but its a moniker meaning Personal Service Provider.
  • Close Up Bj Scandal - A Blow job video taped in zoom in mode.
  • Blindfolded Scandal - Some couples can be kinky, this one was being fucked blindfolded. Looks like she is enjoying every single second of it.
  • First Time Sex Scandal - also known as virgin defloration. It's a special time and some people keep a video record of it. See the blood coming out?
  • Call Center Scandal - We had the alleged Convergys, now its another call center scandal. This was supposedly taken in one of the recreational rooms during breaktime. What a way to release stress!
  • Dog Style Scandal - fucked from behind, and as you can see the women loves it. She's smiling and ready to take his cock. The camel toe and a cleanly shaven vagina is a sight to behold.
  • Girl on Top Scandal - This woman rides his man in expert mode. That's the best way to do it really, straight back and slow grinding.
  • Living Room Scandal - When you gotta fuck, you gotta fuck where ever you are. In this case, the best place for a quickie is the living room. Lets turn on the TV, so they will think we are just watching some news.
  • Teacher in Orgy with Students Scandal - In this school a group project with a Class Adviser has a whole different meaning. I'll a student fails if his dick is too small - not enough to reach the grade?
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