Saturday, July 18, 2009

Bohol Scandal

Boholanos is erotic, agree? Not only are they active sexually, they like to video tape their sex acts. Lucky for us!

The listing of this video includes the following Naughty Pinay Scandals

Girl to Girl Action Scandal - Filipinas or Pinays as we call them here has gone a long way. Girl to Girl action is now accepted, and boy are they hot. They couldn't wait that they have to do it in a restroom. Luckily our cameras are there.
Weekend Fuck Scandal - sometimes when you're busy, all you have time for a fuck is on weekends only.
Dorm Fuck Scandal - this video is hot, and the Pinay Chick is even hotter. Big Boobs, pretty face, what more can you ask for more....oh wait... ask for a doggie!
Green Dress Scandal - This couple knows each other for a long time already. why we know? no more foreplay or very little foreplay and its straight to fucking. The lady is wearing a green dress - suits her white complexion.
Calatagan Scandal - Somewhere in Batangas. The lady's love is being tested by her showing her face on cam. They both speak Tagalog!
Ehra your Kapuso Scandal - Somewhere in the world, someone just looks like you. In this case, the face, the body, especially the breast just look like Ehra Madrigal. Dream on Kapuso and Kapamilya.
Ice Ice Baby Scandal - a group sex session (1 lady only). The boys are playing seductively, with one of them sliding ice across the nude body of their partner. Prelude to a tongue action later?
Jenny Escort Girl Scandal - the customer is alright right, this time - the customer wants to video taped their sex deed and who is she to complain, with all the moaning she does.
Back of School Scandal - During vacation, the back of the school is the perfect place for a quickie.

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