Thursday, June 12, 2008

Public Stairs Sex Scandal 2

is this becoming a fad? Kinky sex anyone? Another public stairs sex scandal is shown here.

The listing of this video includes the following Naughty Pinay Scandals:
  • Kristine Hermosa Upskirt Peek - She owns one of the most beautiful face in Phil. Cinema. To get a peek of any part of her body, is a voyeur bonus.
  • University of Zamboanga Commerce Student Scandal - Seems like they are doing some extra curricular activities. From undressing, blow jobs, then some fucking.
  • Alleged Carmina Villaroel Scandal - the star of this video has an uncanny resemblance to Carmina Villaroel, and was in fact widely talked about. You decide - is it her or not?
  • Divine World University Scandal - Pretty hot video allegedly coming from said place. The couple intentionally taped their act. . . somehow we got a copy of it.
  • Woman on Top Scandal - another self taped video, title was taken from the woman's fave position which is obviously on top.
  • Butuan City Scandal - Another hot video coming from a place down south in Agusan, more specifically Butuan City.
  • STI MIsamis Scandal - Allegedly coming from STI Computers. For lack of computers students share some PCs, this lovebirds are obviously studying "anatomy" and very interested to a "fucking" degree.
  • Julie Scandal - One of the hottest videos we have seen, girl to girl action, then threesome. Whew! very very hot.
  • Mariel Rodriguez Photo Scandal - She was with Ms. Toni Gonzaga. Mariel like Toni is one of the host of Pinoy Big Brother, to bring back interest to this franchise she was unexpectedly made a housemate. She is shown here in a two-piece bikini with nips shown. We are not sure if this was photoshopped or not, but is sure is one of a hell nice view.
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