Monday, June 30, 2008

Finela Cubao Scandal

One of those videos which take their name from the place which they are supposed to originate from.

The listing of this video includes the following Naughty Pinay Scandals:

  • Sex with friends Scandal - True friends share everything This time, they are even filming the sex bout of one of their friends, for sure this video will stand the test of time, will their friendship does to? Surigao Scandal - A video shot from an in-house security camera. This video again raised the question - do motels have really hidden cameras inside their rooms?
  • Double Bed Scandal - a peeping tom video showing a sex act done under a double bed. Pretty obvious that its a regular thing for this peeping tom to document the act.
  • Qatar Airways Scandal - the lady is allegedly a pinay stewardess at Qatar Airways. After a nap, she gives her boyfriend a sensual dance.
  • Sex in Night Shot Scandal - two couples in school uniform making out and having sex in the dark. What they didn't know that its been secretly being video taped.
  • Wipe it off Scandal - a lady giving blowjob, then posed sensually standing up and in bed, the guy couldn't handle it and ejaculated prematurely. What a waste.
  • AMA Sta Cruz Scandal or Ex ni chito Scandal - Allegedly from said Computer School.
  • In School Uniform Scandal - there's something very sexy in a lady wearing a uniform, which makes them very attractive. Somehow, when they undress and do the deed, they all look the same or do they?
  • Pauleen Luna Cameltoe Scandal - A snapshot of this very pretty and famous Filipina Actress. Look closely and you'll see the "entrance".
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