Saturday, May 17, 2008

Car Fuck Scandal II

Its true that guys with hot cars really got hot girls who can give him a nasty head ( and more ) inside his car. This is another Personal Video taken from a car.

The listing of this video includes the following Naughty Pinay Scandals:

  • Fingering Scandal - The girl's boyfriend has an ambition of being the word's first director, cameraman, and ob gynecologist. Lets wish this pervert all the luck in the world.
  • Stag Party Scandal - its either a guy's birthday party or stag party, he is fucking a girl in front of all his friends. But then again this could just be a baptism to manhood.
  • Diana Escort Girl Scandal - A sort of promo-video for an escort girl named Diana. She's very pretty and sexy problem is they use many aliases - she could be Jane now, and then tomorrow she'll use the name Francine.
  • Motel Room No. 1 Scandal - A self video of a sexual tryst - the girl moans, moans, and moans some more. The moaning must have turned on the guy so much that after a few while - he unloads.
  • Tit Shot Scandal - Oh well one of those tit shot for memento video taken, then lost, and now is in the internet.
  • JRU Scandal - JRU stands for the Jose Rizal University, the home of the Jose Rizal Bombers basketball team. The girl is having her pounding.
  • NYP Students Caught in the Act Scandal - We have this video for the longest time, but we don't know what the hell is the meaning of NYP - Oh well might as well share this with you.
  • Sex with a Pinay Scandal - A foreigner video taping his sexual conquest with a Pinay. . . now you'll know why many men desire to have a Pinay, the moaning alone can make you unload, not to mention the ever beautiful face.
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