Saturday, May 3, 2008

Angelica Panganiban Scandal

we have put in here the unedited photos of the famous Maxim Phils cover girl. What can we say - photoshop can really do some magical things. To see some more photos of Angelica Panganiban - its at Filipina Exposed >> Click here

The listing of this video includes the following Naughty Pinay Scandals:

  • Bea of Ateneo Scandal - From a girl that goes by the name of Bea who is said to be studying in the Ateneo - an Ivy League School in the Phils. From what you hear from her FUBU (fuck buddy) she's good in bed.
  • Memory of January 3 2005 Scandal - the guy likes to categorized his sexual escapades - this one is obviously shot in a condo in January 3 2005. Well his file is not that accurate - he forgets to annotate the fucking time.
  • San Beda Go Scandal - Another scandal from another Ivy League School in the Phil. this time the girl is named "Go". Super Ferry 15 Scandal - while the rough seas are pounding their ships outside - another girl is being pounded hard inside their cabin.
  • Claudine Barretto Scandal - Remember the TIDY scandal? well this time the bad words were mentioned in live nationwide TV.
  • Jollibee Scandal - Pinays really have a wild imagination - this time the Jollibee Mascots are "doing it". Triva : Jollibee Hamburger Chain in the Phil. is the only brand that beats the McDonalds Burger. McDonald's Phils is a poor second to Jollibee.
  • Keys Me Scandal - Alyssa Milano's (a former Viva Hot Babe) adaptation of the famous Kiss Me Song. She "murdered" the song - but made herself very famous and is the most watch Pinay Video in Its a bonus that she's very sexy.
  • Carmen Electra Scandal - another exception to our exclusive Pinay List, but we got to show how Carmen takes off - this was taken from the Howard Stern Show with Carmen riding the sybian a sort of mechanical horse that provides direct stimulation to the clitoris. This is a Zip File that included a video of Jenna Jameson riding the same machine.
  • Che Che Scandal - A rear view shot courtesy of your friend Che Che.
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